MiTR Launching :

About the MiTR

  • › Completes life

  • › Inspires us

  • › Guides us

  • › We aspire to be your one such friend

  • › Who delivers advanced, more energy efficient and lifetime durability
      embedded pumping solutions

  • › Your trust has inspired us and made us the World Best and one of leaders in
      global pumping solutions

  • › By delivering reliable and innovative technology

  • › We are taking customer satisfaction to new heights

  • › To add to the advancement of our farmers, progress of our nation and for
      your prosperity

  • › Your new friend is here

  • › Presenting MiTR, our new identity and your new friend in progress

  • › I am your MiTR

  • › I am born out of Falcon's quest for innovation and I will bring innovative
      products and solutions to you

  • › I will be your guide to a glorious future

  • › I will deliver all kind of support that you need to prosper

  • › I will add new dimension to our relationship

  • › I am your MITR and I welcome you to a golden future

  • › Chale Pragati Ki Aur