• Solar photovoltaic systems are energy conversion systems which convert solar energy into electrical energy.
  • Solar photovoltaic system operates on the basis of the photovoltaic effect in a silicon junction diode designed to facilitate the collection of usable magnitudes of electricity.
  • Numbers of cells are string up in series to generate power at usable voltages.
  • The solar panel contains solar cells which produce electricity when exposed to sunlight.
  • A solar water pumping system essentially consists of a solar photovoltaic panel which powering a water pump through the pump controller.

Stainless Steel-304 Submersible Borewell Pump Sets


Falcon Full SS series Pumps are made completely of Cr Ni Stainless Steel AISI- 304 Investment Cast, has developed by the way of high monopolize techonology and unique design concept in the case of using solid stainless steel matirial for excellent corrosion resistance, provides superior durability, Sustainable flawless performance for years and ensures highest wear and tear resistance.

The unique design and superior material construction thet will outperform ordinary faricated stainless steel pumps for all kind of water pumping requirements.

Product Specification :

- Falcon Solar Bore well Pumps are available from 1 Hp to 50 Hp in various Solar Application with required Input voltage design of Pump set as per Unique Panel Combination.

- Complete Range available as per MNRE Guide line for SWPS above 3 HP Solar Pumps.

- More than 100 Models are available for Customize Head Solar Application

Saliant Features :

- World First Presentation of 50ft Head (15 Mtrs) / Stage in 6" Borewell (Design Registered)

  • Ensures most Compact design of Borewell Pumps
  • Reduced Nos of Stages for equivalent performance
  • Excellent result in high head conditions.
  • Overall installation cost reduction
  • Comparative provided reduced maintenance

- 100% complete construction of solid stainless steel investment Cast

  • Proven superior wear and tear resistance
  • Assured High corrosive resistance
  • Smooth surface reduced significance hydraulic losses
  • sustainable uniform performance for years.
  • Ensures long life duraility.

- Optimized Hydraulic & Mechanical Design

  • Pump components geometry y FEA analysis (Finite Elemente Analysis) and extensive testing strictly optimized.
  • Reduced overall hydraulic looses
  • Improved efficient performance
  • Dynamically alanced design

- Ultra Standproof Techonology for Aggressive Water Condition

  • Individual NBR bushes for each stages.
  • Pure Stainless Steel strainer inside for non clogged performance
  • Individual Bowl protectors

- Slide bearings in each stages – NBR Bearing Bush

  • Improved smooth operation
  • Lubrication grooves for improved lubrication
  • Extended life with flawless performance

Other Solar Pump Model :

  • Product Image

    Open well Solar

  • Product Image

    Surface Pump

  • Product Image

    V-4 Solar Model

  • Product Image

    V-5 Solar Model


  • Rajkot (Gujarat)

  • Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

  • Surat (Gujarat)

  • Bhuj (Gujarat)

  • Junagadh (Gujarat)

  • Mumbai (Maharashtra)

  • Nagpur (Maharashtra)

  • Jodhpur (Rajasthan)

  • Bikaner (Rajasthan)

  • Raipur (Chhattisgarh)

  • Kolkata (West Bengal)

  • Bhubaneswar (Odisha)

  • Ludhiana (Punjab)

  • Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh)

  • Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu)

  • Hubli (Karnataka)

  • Bangalore (Karnataka)